What are the Important Fundamentals to Master Digital Marketing?

Is Digital Marketing not giving the results you desired for your business?

What is the reason behind failure of campaign?

As a marketer, you know the value of success of digital campaign. You have to find where you are doing wrong.

In this article, you will get to know about the core fundamentals of digital marketing like:

  • Marketing
  • Benefits of Digital Marketing
  • CATT Funnel
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Personal Branding

MARKETING which is always overlooked!

Digital Marketing is the combination of two words: Digital and Marketing.

Marketing is now more focus on “sense and response” philosophy rather than “make and sell.”

You should know about what is the right way of doing marketing before diving in to digital marketing.

If you know marketing, you can position your product in the market.

It helps in building perception of customers towards the product .It allows them to discover your product .

Quality of product

If you want to reap the benefits of marketing, you should take care of product’s quality . If the product is not of good quality then marketing will not be able to provide long-term benefits.

Understand the need of your target audience and make quality product. You have to find what customer wants. For this you can interact with customers who are already using your product.

You have to do deep research about consumer behavior by creating Buyer persona.

Now what is consumer behavior and buyer persona?

Consumer behavior is the study of

  • Consumer demographic like age, income and sex
  • Psycho graphic like mindset, aspiration
  • Buyer roles like initiator, influencer, decider, buyer and consumer

Consumer behavior helps you to find ideal customers for your business.

The ideal customers and their needs helps you to decide the features of product. This will led to creation of product of good quality.

If you already made your product and it’s not performing well in market. Then you can also do research about your ideal customers, and their need. 

We can understand with help of case study of Big basket.

Marketing Strategy of Big Basket

Big basket is an online grocery store with outstanding marketing plans. Through extraordinary ideas, it established itself as one of successful startup. It revolutionized the way people bought groceries. To win the race, expand its brands to compete with other companies like Grofers and Local Banya.

They did deep research on shopping habits of customers belonging to different cities. The customer’s need for groceries vary from city to city. Based on this research they supply leafy greens vegetables in Mumbai, a special kind of rice (called Sona Masoori) in Bangalore etc.

Little Marketing is to kick start your business, if you have quality product. Then after that your product sells itself.

If you want to invest less time and money on marketing, it is important to understand product features as well as customer needs.

Here is famous quote on understanding customer needs.

“Put yourself in their shoes”

By Jesse Harrison, CEO, Employee Justice Legal Team

After having quality product that met customer need, you have to take care of sending the right message to right customer at the right time.

You have already worked on right message means features and right customer before creating product. Now you have to work on timeliness.

Timeliness is important because if you launch your product late in the market, when there is no need then you go for discounts, scheme or credit which will be very dangerous for your business.

Why Digital Marketing best for your business?

Now we select medium for doing marketing. It can be traditional or Digital.

which marketing method is appropriate for your Business?

For this you have to understand both traditional and digital marketing. If your marketing strategy is clear you can go for any type of marketing that bests fit for your business.

Traditional marketing is a kind of offline marketing. To build your brand and customer base, you can do marketing on:

  • Print media like newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Flyers TV ads
  • Hoarding
  • Telemarketing
  • Radio
  • Trade show and many more

Digital marketing is a kind of online marketing where you invest on

  • Website
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media
  • PPC
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging

It is not compulsory to use Digital Marketing in every case. If you have more generic product then you can go for TV ads, radio or newspaper which comes under Traditional Marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing over traditional marketing

To build your brand and customer base. Digital marketing has many benefits over the traditional marketing and is suitable for business even with limited budget.

As I earlier specified , right message to the right person at the right time. Such kind of Targeted marketing helps the business to achieve their goals

You can generate real time performance of campaign based on

  • Numbers of visitors visiting your website or landing page
  • Peak trading times
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rates using variety of analytical tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, MOZ pro, and many more.

If the campaign is not performing well, you can change your target audience or message to achieve your marketing goal.

Digital Marketing gives fair chance to every type of business regardless size and budget to compete with big Players in the market.

Last but not the least benefit of digital marketing is interaction with the customer . The feedback we get from the customers helps you to change your product to meet customer standards. As it is said  “Complain is a gift for your business, catch it “


We can represent CATT Marketing funnel by Simple Formula



  • [n]-Niche
  • C-Content
  • A- Attention
  • T- Trust
  • A- Transaction

The old method to get sales out of your business was AIDA for e.g. door to door marketing

what are the components of AIDA ?

  • A-Attention
  • I- Interest
  • D- Desire
  • A- Action

This type of funnel will lead to build to trust on 1:1 scale.

Why we need CATT funnel for Marketing?

What about if you want to build mass trust for your business?

To Build mass trust, you can use CATT Marketing funnel. It is framework containing components that you can see in image below.


This type of funnel proved to be efficient and profitable for every business.

If you want the CATT funnel works for your business, you have to publish content on blog, Social media, EBook, You Tube based on particular niche.

Niche selection is most important because the overall success of  CATT funnel is based on it.

How will you select niche for your content?

The three pillars of niche selection are talent, Expertise and market needs. The entire Marketing strategy is based on niche selection. You can’t achieve success if any of the pillar is missing. For example if you are passionate about health and fitness and you have market in that niche but do not have expertise . Niche selection will not give you success.

Niche Selection
Niche Selection

Content is an Asset for your business

Content is an Asset for your business because it attracts and retains customer from your niche. It forms the base of Personal Branding.

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

~Andrew Davis

How to create Attention for your content?

You can create attention for your content published on different platforms by

  • SEO
  • Paid Ads
  • Viral Marketing  

You can also have brand story to create attention. As a result, the neural activity increases five folds when we hear story that why we can retain content for long time.

How to Hook your Audience?

After attention, it might be possible that audience will forget about your content after reading. So, you have to hook your audience by providing valuable content consistently and social proof.

Trust and Transaction

You can build trust by Deep Marketing by sending personalized mails to your leads.

This is the most important part of CATT Marketing Funnel because here you convert lead into customer with natural sales methods like webinars, video sales letter but without cold calling. There are more chances that your audience will do transaction because now they know your brand better and trust you.

INTEGRATED DIGITAL MARKETING for Effective Marketing Campaign

Integrated Digital Marketing is just like setting automatic machine for your business in which all the channels works together in seamless way that each channel compliments the other channel.


What are the channels of Digital Marketing .

  • Search Engine Marketing(PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization(Organic Traffic)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Every module is powerful .

It is not compulsory to use all the channels at once in Integrated Digital Marketing and you can use two or three channels based on your marketing strategy.

The most important part of Integrated Digital Marketing is that you can identify your ideal customers, and the channels they use. This idea behind this research is to provide unified experience to the customers on different channel.

Integrated Digital Marketing Channels
Integrated Digital Marketing Channels

To understand the above image, consider a situation where you saw a Facebook Ad having call-to-action button that will direct the prospect customer to the landing page having an offer or discount and a lead form. 

In exchange for offer, you will provide your email or phone number.At that point of time you will serve as lead for their business. After that, you start receiving personalized email from them which is known as lead nurturing and is required to build trust. When they find that you are ready to make transaction then they offer you their unique product.

The overall success of the campaign will depend only on the quality of the content provided to the lead.

Still, you are not getting What is Integrated digital marketing?

Let’s look at case study Integrated Digital Marketing strategy of KKR’s IPL team.Their goal was to have the largest fan following.

They used several Digital channels like Blogging website, social media platform like Facebook fan page, Instagram and Twitter. They also have launched their mobile app to give the inside insider to KKR dressing room and their interpersonal relationship. On every channel their focus was to get large fan following.

Why we need Integrated Digital Marketing for our business?

If you use only one channel like PPC ad for promotion of your product then it might be possible that customer will not buy or not grab your offer. Most of them look for the features, pros, and cons of the product because the customers are getting smarter and technology savvy.  They always look for the feedback, and  try to find the best alternative for your product.

What is the best approach to do Integrated Digital Marketing?

Nobody can tell the exact approach for using Integrated Digital Marketing because it may vary from business to business. So, you have make your unique marketing plan that works for your company. Whatever is your marketing plan, but always take care about the quality content as the overall success of your marketing strategy is based on the content.

Personal Branding – A powerful tool to build Mass Trust

Build your own Personal Brand

Why we need Personal Branding?

  • Personal branding makes the brand visibility means help the people to discover you in the crowd.
  • You can make your product or services stand out by establishing yourself as a brand.
  • You can show case your ability, connections and interests.
  • Help in building Mass Trust as people feel more connected to personal brand.

What is Personal Branding?

In simple terms, Personal Branding is, “Being recognized as an expert.”

Personal Branding is about building authority that gets people to pay attention to your message and want to share it and recommend it to others.

-Mark Traphagen

This is just like telling the people everything about , and make positive impact on them.

 Who you are?

 What you do?

What is the unique thing about you?

At which thing you are good at?

For Personal Branding, you should have your product or service that distinguished you from others.

Evolution of Personal Brand

In personal branding, you can build your brand story so that people will have strong understanding of your brand. Brand Story is about your life journey from where you start. You can tell people about your struggles, experiences, achievements, success and current position.  

This is continuous, evolving process with six stages. To establish yourself as a personal brand you have to go through these six stages.

Personal Branding Evolution

At each stage of Personal Branding, you will find yourself one step up in connection to expertise. You can reap the benefits of Personal Branding only when you go through all stages one after another. You will not get success, if you skip any stage like after start mentoring after learning a skill.

Follow the sequence to see the magic of Personal Branding.

Stage of Personal Branding

  1. Learn – You can learn new skill through understanding concepts, facts and procedures.
  2. Work – This stage is about implementing the thing you learnt in previous stage by working on real life project. For example, you can develop the software in Programming Language you learnt in first stage of personal branding.
  3. Write – You can publish epic articles on your blog about your struggles, experiences, achievements to connect with people and showcasing your abilities.
  4. Consult – If you are good at marketing yourself then you can get offers like one on one consultation. In this you give advice to people or company having problems.
  5. Mentor – Through mentoring, you can teach a  lot of people. Mentoring will take you to another level of expertise because for teaching masses then you should have structured thought process with clear understanding of concepts.
  6. Startup – It is the right time to launch your product or start a startup because now you have enough skill, market and expertise.

We can understand Personal Branding well with the case study of Charli Maire who started his journey with the Tumblr, A fan page. He started his own T-shirt Brand, worked remotely for Converkit and hosted a YouTube Channel. He established himself as brand with his cool personality and marvelous design skills.  


I hope you have a clear idea about Digital Marketing fundamentals. Whatever is your goal whether it is branding or sales, the only thing you need to have a good marketing strategy which can be achieved when you select a niche based on the target audience, quality content, and finding the right channel where your target audience hangs out.

Earlier I was very weak in writing good content because of my mindset. Now I can write such a long and meaningful article. This got possible only due to Deepak Sir, my mentor. He magnificently motivates all his interns and encourages everyone to turn their weakness into a strength.

If you find this article informative, leave your comments below.

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