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What makes me unique from others?

There are N number of Courses running online today. It is very difficult to Decide which one is better. Most of the courses on E Learning platform are consisted of videos. Most of us purchase such kind of courses. What happened when we enroll in online courses.

In bit of excitement, we go through 2 or 3 sections in one go and implement little. Then the next vary day we feel little lazy. This is what we called procrastination .

Why this happened ?

This is due to lack of self Motivation. So end result is will not get so much out of course whether the course is good or not. We must need a mentor who can guide us , grade our work , give suggestions and most important that hold us till the end of course.

What i will provide you as A mentor
  • Online interactive classes 
  • A community of like minded people just like classroom where you can discuss the things done in class.
  • Hands on  real live tasks and projects to practice
  • Strong online linkedIn portfolio to showcase your skills and achievements to get your dream job 

What you want to learn from me?

Website Creation & SEO

Here you will learn to create eye catchy , fully functional, dynamic and live website with onpage and offpage SEO


Here you will learn from frontend technologies to backend technologies from Beginner to advance level.

Social media

In Social Media Marketing , I will cover the platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube that help the businesses to establish themselves as brand.

Digital Marketing full Course

Blog creation using WordPress
Search Engine Optimization
Google Analytics
Advertising and Paid Media
Email Marketing
Instagram Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing
Facebook Marketing
YouTube Marketing

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    Digital Marketing is one of the most demanding skill in 2021

    Every business is getting online because most of purchasing decisions begin online. Your ultimate buying decision was then based on the reviews you read, the friends and family you consulted, and the solutions, features, and pricing you researched.

    An online presence is necessary—regardless of what you sell.

    Nowadays the objective of online Marketing got changed from just selling of product. Now the Businesses are doing Marketing on Digital platform to create demand, customer satisfaction, market share, generation of Profits, creation of goodwill and public image.

    There are various questions comes to your mind while deciding for your specialisation Like

    what is the salary of Digital Marketer?

    There is a tool provided by LinkedIn is LinkedIn salary to check the average salary for any skill. You can use this LinkedIn tool to get clear picture for the most demanding skill in the market.

    I have used this tool to check the salary for Social Media Marketer and the result was amazing.

    Salary of social media marketer
    Source: LinkedIn Salary tool


    What are the job roles in digital marketing?

    Digital Marketing is broad term. There are various channels of e-marketing like Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Email Automation, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Facebook Ads, YouTube Marketing and more. It will be great if you have knowledge of all channels with expertise in one channel. There are N number of job roles in Digital Marketing with different responsibilities and strategies .

    Digital Marketing Manager
    Content Writer
    Lead Generation Expert
    SEM Specialist
    Analytics Manager
    SEO Executive
    Social Media Marketing Expert.

    Information has the power to create interest, Grab Attention and sell only when you provide right information to the right people at the right time.